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Catch A Ghost Walking Tour

Ghost Tours in Savannah, GA

Whether you are a day visitor, weekend visitor, or local resident of Savannah, the best way to get to know the city is by taking a walking tour, trolley tour, or carriage tour. Most of the larger tour companies depart from the Savannah Visitor Center at 301 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Your route through Savannah’s Historic District will vary depending on the particular company and guide.

Savannah has a reputation of being the country’s most haunted city.

Ghosts are big business here. If you have a hotel, bed and breakfast, bar, inn, restaurant, or tourist attraction, owners can really pump up their profits with a pesky poltergeist or spirited spook. Popular locations for “ghost sightings” have traditionally included:

• Colonial Park Cemetery
• 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant
• Wright Square
• Davenport House
• Kehoe House
• Olde Pink House
• Moon River Brewing Company
• River Street Inn
• B. Matthews Eater
• Pirates’ House
• Owens-Thomas House
• Lucas Theatre
• Marshall House
• Scarbrough House
• Foley House
• Savannah Theatre
• Fort Pulaski

Many of the Savannah tours are ghost tours. Each tour varies by tour guide and focus of the tour company. Some conduct paranormal investigations and encourage picture taking to capture “orbs”. Other tours are more lighthearted and concentrate on the history, legends, and folklore of the area. Be sure to visit the company’s website to learn more about the tour you are considering.

Walking ghost tours

Many of the ghost tours in Savannah are walking ghost tours. Typical tours can range from one hour to several hours in length. Many tours visit several squares in the historic district and can take you on a journey of a mile or more. If you have small children or have difficulty walking, you may want to call the tour operator for specific details about the tour.

Some of the tour guides will be dressed in period costume and tell tales from the vantage point of a different era. Other guides will be dressed like you and answer your questions from the perspective of the present day.

Best ghost tour in Savannah, GA?

That’s a hard question to answer. I’m sure every tour operator sets out to create the best ghost tour in Savannah. However, the answer is more subjective than a hard-and-fast vote. You’ll want to check the reviews of the particular tour. Potential tour guests rely on as one of the most popular indicators of customer satisfaction. Other reviews can be found on or the company’s Facebook page.

What would make a ghost tour “the best ghost tour” for you? First you have to ask yourself a few questions. What are you looking for?
• A couple’s night out?
• A family-friendly adventure?
• A paranormal investigation?
• History and folklore of Savannah?
• What time do you want to take the tour? (7pm? 9pm? Midnight?)

Are haunted ghost tours scary?

Scary is a relative term. What scares one guest may cause laughs with other guests. Ghost tours in Savannah are not like a typical visit to a haunted house. Ghouls and zombies aren’t going to jump out from behind tombstones or trees to scare you. The story telling talents of your tour guide will vary. One’s ability to weave a spine-tingling tale will often be reflected in the reviews and various mentions of specific tour guides by previous customers on the popular review sites mentioned above.

Why is Savannah Ghost Show different?

Our tours are offered at 7pm and 9pm. The 7pm walking ghost tour is family-friendly for ages 4 to 104. The 9pm show is still family friendly but we recommend the tour for ages 8 and older.

Savannah Ghost Show combines the spooky side of Savannah with incredible magic tricks and illusions that bring the legends and folklore of the area to life (or back to life). This interactive tour is really a walking show—mobile theatre. Tour guests participate in the tricks and many take home cool souvenirs to remember their experience. While the tales and stories highlight the strange and weird happenings of this historic city, we are focused on memories not nightmares. View our 90-second video to get a better idea of how we are on a mission to be the best ghost tour in Savannah!

Learn more about Savannah Ghost Show by visiting our home page.