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Savannah Ghost Tours – Looking for family-friendly option?

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Our Walking Ghost Tour is Fun for the Whole Family

Are there any kid-friendly ghost tours in Savannah?

There are many options for Ghost Tours in Savannah, GA. If you were to look on the tourism website, you’ll see the variety of walking and trolley tours available throughout the year.

Savannah consistently ranks among the top travel destinations. Travel to Savannah continues to grow and the city enjoys visitors from all over the world. Most recently, the city was named “A World’s Best City for United States & Canada” by Travel & Leisure. Over 13 million visitors come to Savannah each year and the numbers continue to increase. Families are a big part of the vacationers looking for the diverse offerings of historic downtown, Tybee Island, and surrounding areas.

Many popular family activities include local shopping, unique restaurants, a day at the beach, or the many tours offered in the historic area.

Finding the right tour to satisfy the interests of kids, teenagers, parents and grandparents can be challenging. Savannah Ghost Show was designed with the family in mind. This Savannah ghost tour was created to address the demand of a family-friendly tour that did not focus on the paranormal.

The popularity of ghost-hunting television shows has brought a steady stream of ghost hunters to Savannah. Many are toting ghost-hunting gear in hopes of detecting and documenting a voice or vision from beyond the grave.

Savannah Ghost Show is a Savannah ghost tour that focuses on the legends and folklore of Savannah, while incorporating special effects, comedy and magic tricks to make the experience fun and mystifying. “Memories not nightmares,” is the unofficial slogan of the tour.

7:30pm is the start time to allow families with younger children to experience a Savannah night without creeping too far into bedtime. Others find the time allows for dinner after the tour.

When considering a ghost tour in Savannah, GA be sure you know what you’re getting into before you purchase a ticket. Call the company. Ask questions. If we can help in your decision making, let us know.

Jimi Gibson, Owner
Savannah Ghost Show

Ghost Tours Savannah, GA

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Catch A Ghost Walking Tour

Ghost Tours in Savannah, GA

Whether you are a day visitor, weekend visitor, or local resident of Savannah, the best way to get to know the city is by taking a walking tour, trolley tour, or carriage tour. Most of the larger tour companies depart from the Savannah Visitor Center at 301 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Your route through Savannah’s Historic District will vary depending on the particular company and guide.

Savannah has a reputation of being the country’s most haunted city.
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New Ghost Tour

The Savannah Ghost Show offers spooky and spirited adventures for families, couples, corporate events, girl scout troops, bus tours, field trips or just about anyone looking to have a fun time. You’ll learn about the legends and folklore of Savannah and just may see a few magic special effects along the way!

Tours will start May 22, 2014 and run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 7pm and 9pm. Additional tours will be added throughout the summer.

The two ghost tours that are being presented are:

  • Catch a ghost – a 75 minute walking tour that includes 1 mile of fun for all ages. (7 pm)
  • Catch a spooky ghost – a 90 minute walking tour, suitable for anyone 8-years-old and up. (9pm)

Tours were created and are performed by Jimi Gibson, who has produced large-scale magic shows for theme parks and corporation events. He has performed across the U.S. and Canada including the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

This family-friendly walking tour was intentionally designed to combine history from the spooky side of Savannah with an interactive experience for all ages. There will be audience participation and you’ll get a chance to see stories come to life.

This is not a paranormal investigation and we won’t be trying to contact or raise anyone from the dead. We’re called “Savannah Ghost Show” because it is a moon-lit mix of lighthearted fun and theatrical tricks of the trade wrapped into a walking show.